Presentation of a study on community amalgamation in ethnocontact regions

The Association for community self-organization assistance invites to the presentation and discussion of the results of the analytical study “Community amalgamation in ethnocontact regions: features and prospects”.

The presentation will take place on December 10, 2019 at the Hotel Ukraine (Kiev, Institutskaya St., 4, II floor, Mariinskaya Hall) from 10:00 to 12:30.

The study was conducted by the think tank of the All-Ukrainian NGO “Association for community self-organization assistance” with the assistance of the Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine.

It is dedicated to a comprehensive study of the situation of community amalgamation in territories with compact residence of ethnic minorities in Transcarpathian, Zaporizhia, Odessa and Chernivtsi regions. Among other things, the study provides an analysis of 40 in-depth interviews with community leaders from different ethnic backgrounds.

The research is an attempt to find the answers to the following questions:

  • Why is community amalgamation in different ethnocontact regions of Ukraine moving at different rates? Is it related to ethnic factors?
  • How important is the ethnicity factor to communities during making amalgamation decisions?
  • Як ставляться громади з різним етнічним складом населення до ймовірного примусового об’єднання та укрупнення районів?
  • How to end amalgamation in multiethnic regions in order to avoid conflicts? What local features should be considered?



Presentation is made by All-Ukrainian NGO “Association  for community self-organization assistance” with the assistance of the Ministry of Communities and Territories of Ukraine in the framework of the Think tanks development initiative, implemented by the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) in partnership with the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE) with financial support of the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine.