The Association Team Presented the Working Results of the Analytical Centre

The presentation of insights of the team of the NGO “Association for Community Self-Organization Assistance” (the Association) was held in Kyiv on 09th July.

The Head of the Association, Tetiana Kirillova, presented the organisation, main focus areas and team. The Head of the Analytical Department, Andrii Krupnyk, told about the main spectrum of practices, their peculiarities, and data-collection methods.

We started our work in 2006 in Odessa, when the team of the Association comprised 5 people. For more than 10 years, the Association has been working on the public self-organisation development and participation of citizens in the administration of local affairs.

Having started our activities on the work and development of public self-organisation bodies, we with the partner organisations created a stable network of resource centres that expanded together with us their activities on public self-organisation bodies to all the local democracy elements.

For the last 4 years, the organisation has been developing as a regional analytical centre: another 5 specialists joined our team, including 3 analysts from different regions of Ukraine – Lviv, Chernivtsi, Donetsk Regions, and a sociologist.

The main focus of our analytical materials is a local self-government reform started in 2015. The subject of local democracy development became especially relevant due to the decentralisation of powers to places. As we are sure that the citizens` participation in the reform guaranties its success.

We worked out about 50 analytical materials with the recommendations for the central authorities and local self-government bodies. A part of them is reflected in more than 100 local regulatory instruments.

Oleksandra Kalashnikova, Analyst, presented the key results of such researches as efficiency of the use of facilities of the State Regional Development Fund, cluster approach to the development of joint territorial communities (JTC), case study of the government public relations, work of petition services.


Thus, the study of the State Regional Development Fund allowed defining such tendencies as increasing number of project proposals, spending level, financing volume. Among the projects approved, the prevailing projects are such that were submitted by the Regional Public Administrations and District Public Administrations. The main problem is “consumption” projects. They are targeted social spot projects. The problems also include a stably low quality of applications, absent criteria for selecting members of tender committees, influence of deputies on the processes.


Mariia Dziupyn, Analyst of the Association, told about the studied collaboration status of the territorial communities. The European practices, practices of the USA and Canada, Ukrainian experience – trends, forecasts, stimulations.

Viktoriia Balasanian, Sociologist of the Association, told about the key sociological researches carried out by the organisation. These researches include the study of the social capital state, study of the regional implementation of the National Strategy for Civil Society Development Assistance and new study of conflicts in the JSCs.

These and other insights of the Association are available on the website, and in the newsletters of the organisation. You can subscribe to them by sending an application to the e-mail: The event was held as part of the Initiative for Development of Analytical Centres carried out by the Fund “Renaissance” in cooperation with Open Society Foundations and financial support of the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine.