About the analytical part of the Association activities

In December, the Association for Community Self-Organization Assistance launched its new three-year project related to the institutional support of the organization, elaboration of the analytical part of the activity with the support of TTDI and Embassy of Sweden. In Ukraine, the analytical centres development projects are coordinated by the Program of Democratic Practice of the International Renaissance Foundation.

Starting as analytical centre as far back as 2015, the Association keeps improving the quality of its materials, increasing the level of their recognition and influence. It has been the second project already, which is related to the institutional support of the organisation as analytical centre.

Andrii Krupnyk designed the project of Regulations about the Odessa Committee of Reforms as a union of analytical non-governmental organisations of Odessa Region and a partner of Reanimation Package of Reforms. In December 2017, these regulations were approved by 8 partner organisations, including the All-Ukrainian Organization “Association for Community Self-Organization Assistance”. The public signing of the agreement for collaboration of these organisations took place on 5th January, 2018 with the formation of the Odessa Committee of Reforms.

The Association analytical group promptly prepared its comments and suggestions as for a number of local democracy bills brought up for discussion. In particular, the comments and suggestion were to bills 7297 and 7297-1 “On amendments in particular laws of Ukraine (regarding charters of territorial communities)”, which should ensure that it is mandatory for territorial communities to adopt charters and entrust the local democracy processes control on them. The comments and suggestions of the Association experts were forwarded to the relevant committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Experts of the Association participated in Task Group No.3 of the donor coalition dealing with the local democracy aspects and discussed the Concept for improvement of the system for organizational and legal support of the local democracy in Ukraine. Specific recommendations were issued that concerned further promotion of this important basic document to make it a regulatory enactment with the participation of the ICS.

“We are sincerely thankful for a systemic support of the initiative to develop the analytical centres. It is the systematization of such organizational support that occurs quite rare in this country while being very important for us. It is just the resource which allows of a comprehensive approach to the analytical support of the local self-government reform and enables us to have a strategic view not only on the development of our organization but also to assist the authorities and people of our country”, says Andrii Krupnyk who manages the Analytical Department of the Association.

The organization continues to work proactively on the development of the advocacy strategy for 2018-2020.