Bilyaivka amalgamated community. Joint development of the strategy

In the city Biliaivka that in the Odessa region, active citizens together produced an

Amalgamated community development strategy until 2020 at the strategic session, which has

brought together more than 60 stakeholders – entrepreneurs, representatives of public sector,

government, MPs, age, community activists.

They jointly developed a proposal for future long-term community development strategy. The

session was conducted by the Association for community self-organization assistance with

Bilyaivka City Council and supported by the International Fund "Renaissance".

Moderator of the session, deputy chairman of the Association Andrii Krupnyk said that because

of attracting residents under development of the strategy, they would continue being actively

involved in the implementation of the Strategy.

The participants were divided into 7 groups according to the areas of Bilyaivkas development,

that have been identified as a priority in the previous stages of research in the analysis of

financial and economic condition of the community focus groups and questionnaires:

 Improving the investment climate, tourism and other businesses

 Improved landscaping and traffic

 Improving community management, strengthening solidarity and mutual assistance in

the community

 Improved school, preschool, adult education and training

 Improving the quality of municipal services, living conditions and ecological condition of

the territory

 Improving Social Services and Social Welfare

 Cultural development and improving the leisure of population

In groups for each of the areas the participants achieved a cooperation objectives and activities,

which were then presented to the audience.

Among the proposals – the construction of shopping and entertainment center in the city,

creating condominiums, local business associations, utilities for the construction and

maintenance of roads, sorting, organizing clubs for children in the connected villages, barrier-

free development environment conscious residents relation to the environment and others.

"I am proud that I live in a community with people like you – not indifferent to the fate of

community "addressed the participants at the end of the session Mayor Michael Buhtiyarov.